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"great insights and understanding not only in the economic world, but also in the real world, whether political or general world events. Writes well, and highly intelligent, and have been following him religiously for 15 years, and I look forward every day to read his commentary. Australian Listed Company CEO, 15 April 2021.​



Inside the Mind of an Elite Currency Trader

Today's global financial markets are every bit as vicious psychologically, and sometimes even physically, as the battles the great warriors throughout history have faced. Just as the warriors of old rode out to battle with the confidence and knowledge to conquer new lands and foes, so do the warriors of the market who thrive on the battleground of the trading floor. In Warrior Trading, Clifford Bennett, one of today's leading currency forecasters, outlines a path to trading success by highlighting the characteristics, the knowledge and skills, and the psychological state of mind required to be a true warrior trader. You'll be introduced to some fresh and unique perspectives regarding the markets, by looking at fundamental and technical analysis, as well as discovering how best to trade within the markets as an individual. Most importantly, you'll learn how to take advantage of those moments when the perceptions of most traders (the herd) are at odds with the underlying reality-moments when fear, greed, and other emotions wreak havoc on the ordinary trader's ability to operate objectively. Divided into three comprehensive parts, Warrior Trading will show you how to develop the focus, attitude, and mental discipline of a top trader so that you can make the most out of your time in the markets.



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