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With powerful economic and price action engines.
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This is my website where you will find real world economics, geopolitics, monetary policy and market forecasts to strengthen your own portfolio and trading.

Wall Street spinners will try to mis-direct you always to the buy side. We can be bullish, or bearish to protect you. Sad realities of wealth gap divergence are hidden in the aggregate data, but it is the plight of the many that will always in the end dictate the course of markets.


Western central banks are all at sea over contemporary forces and their subsequent ineptitude is further eating away at the under-pinnings of several major economies.  


The risk of an expanded war in Europe is more acute and significant than any major bank or financial media organisation dares to alert you to. Major markets would be vulnerable.


Current Core Views: Stocks bearish. Gold and Oil bullish. Fiscal disaster in the USA. Yet the USD would gain on an expanded European war. Electric Vehicles will be fully replaced in 6-10 years by zero emission diesel and hydrogen.  

Clifford Bennett    24 June, 2024



Contemporary economic patterns are  very different to the old text books. It is all about mass psychology and at the same time the nature of key individuals in positions of power. We often see what even the biggest global banks miss. 



I love trading, but it is not the easy get rich that many try to sell you.

My idea here is to bring you my 40 years of experience every day in an easy to follow and time efficient manner. My largest position 1.4 billion AUD. bank trader, SFE floor. 



Please let me know how I can be of service to you. For your business financial/currency market exposures, the economic trends that might impact you, in-house talks and of course, private sessions.

Warrior Trading

Published by Wiley, New York.



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