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"Never give up
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Dalai Lama XIV


Warrior Trading

Published by John Wiley New York.

Today's global financial markets are every bit as vicious psychologically, and sometimes even physically, as the battles the great warriors throughout history have faced. Just as the warriors of old rode out to battle with the confidence and knowledge to conquer new lands and foes, so do the warriors of the market who thrive on the battleground of the trading floor.

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Is The Tech Bubble Bursting?

27th October 2020

Without the sustained income levels of the past, as is the case for most consumers, cut backs in life's little luxuries such as technology purchases and streaming, is a looming threat to an entire industry that has already priced in accelerating boom times for many years ahead. The largest tech bubble ever, that dwarfs the previous experience, may be about to burst.

This WSJ video is about data security developments. A separate issue, but with some crossover effect and worth a watch regarding developing trends.

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