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Experience: 38 years global economics and markets. Senior economist global investment banking, Sydney, Singapore, Paris, London. Currency strategist, advising some of the world's largest corporations, political leaders, and even billionaire investors. Investment bank and corporate proprietary trading. All of which affords a unique perspective on today's global events and financial markets.


# APEC Summit 2012, 

    3 Reserve Currency forecast.

# Caixin Summit. Beijing,

    Future China Trade Patterns.

# Euromoney, London. US dollar.

# Eurofinance, Keynote Address

    Annual Conferences, Rome,    

    Shanghai, Miami, Singapore.

# EY PWC Deloitte Macquarie 

    BNP Paribas NAB



"world's most accurate currency forecaster" Bloomberg News, NY. Survey of 72 investment banks and think tanks.






Global media

From Bloomberg London, to China News Daily, to the Wall Street Journal.

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Big Call Bennett

"BIG CALL BENNETT" is how Peter Switzer would introduce Clifford, weekly, on the Switzer Show. On the 10th of March, 2009, Clifford emphatically declared, and for the first time, that a New Grand Bull Market had just begun in US stocks. It was just two days after the absolute low. A champion of the bull market for the next ten years, Clifford's forecasts of a 5-15 year bull market and a Dow Jones target of 30,000 have proven themselves.


Since 1984

Helping people get it right since 1984.

"great insights and understanding not only in the economic world, but also in the real world, whether political or general world events. Writes well, and highly intelligent, and have been following him religiously for 15 years, and I look forward every day to read his commentary. Australian Listed Company CEO, 15 April 2021.​

Clifford Bennett

Clifford grew up in Herston, Brisbane,  joined the Navy at 15, graduated from the Royal Australian Naval Officer College Creswell, graduated University of Sydney in Political Economy, joined Macquarie Bank in 1984 and has been involved in global economics and financial markets ever since, and was Senior Strategist Asia at BNP Paribas. Clifford has been a strong advocate of lower taxes in Australia to ensure competitiveness in our region, and the empowerment of creative individuals and businesses within our community.

Having worked as an analyst for some of the largest investment banks worldwide, Clifford puts his money where his mouth is. His reputation is gold internationally, so much so, that he has been a regular finance and economic commentator at the highest level for media outlets including:

  • Bloomberg News

  • CNBC

  • Financial Times

Bloomberg New York labelled him, “the world’s most accurate currency forecaster”.

So highly respected in his field, Clifford was invited to address the APEC Summit in Russia on global currency issues and present a forecast on future Chinese trade patterns at the Caxin Summit in Beijing. On personal request, he has also forecasted for some of the world’s most influential government and business figures.

Now, Clifford Bennett offers his highly sought after services for both industry professionals and proactive personal traders, and for all members of the community generally grappling with an extremely fast changing world. By subscribing to his economic reports, you can trade, and even envisage your future business with confidence. Knowing full well that an advisor of the highest calibre is just a click away.

First in world to forecast the Australian dollar would go above parity. From 76 cents. At a time when every major bank thought it was impossible to break above 80 cents.

First in world to forecast the Dow Jones had started a new 5-15 year bull market, on 10 March 2009, just two days after the absolute low, live on the Switzer Show on SkyBusiness. And at the start of the decade forecast an end of decade Dow Jones target of 30,000. The Dow jones high in 2020 has been 29,568.

Clifford calls it as he sees it. No one gets it right all the time.

From Clifford's updates you will always be receiving a decisive view. Often quite distinct and ahead of the mainstream financial news reporting. 

Clifford calls it "look out the window" economics.

Applying common sense to the real world as it is today.

Senior Strategist Asia. BNP Paribas.

Senior Strategist, State Bank NSW.

Currency Strategist, Macquarie Bank.

First to forecast Australian dollar parity.

First to forecast Dow Jones to 30,000.

US Australian political forecasts several months prior: Trump, Morrison, Biden and Albanese.

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