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You receive signals before the market gets there.

Before data.
Before anyone else.

We create understandings of the future based in commonsense of what we see evolving in the world. From accurately forecasting the raging bull market of 2009 to 2020, even the Dow at 30,000 in 2009, to the election of Presidents/Prime Ministers Trump, Morrison, Biden, Albanese months in advance.

More recently, that inflation was not transitory, that both the Fed and RBA would be late to recognise this, and therefore un-necessarily have to aggressively raise interest rates far higher than would otherwise have had to be the case. 

In the first week of January 2022, we said that was the top for the US stock market for the rest of the year. We have factually out-performed all the world's top investment banks in forecasting the US stock market and actions of the Federal Reserve. 

It really is about creative vision. Then, how to convert such advantages into real world trading experiences for our clients.

Before.  Subscription
and membership.

We have been beta testing with a small select group of clients and are now ready to expand our service. You will receive daily commentary and global market signals covering major stock indices, currency, bond and commodity markets. We are also introducing a separate and distinct pure major global brand equities service.

You can choose a once only payment and receive the full commentary update and signals service. Alternatively, subscribe now. Both are $89. Once only. Or monthly subscription. 

This service is a very serious one suitable for everyone. From new traders as an important educational and experience acceleration tool. To investment bank and hedge fund traders from around the world. Our work is read in 40 countries. We have had 5 billionaires from different countries, even a Prime Minister and Treasurer in our readership.

At $89 month, we aim to deliver investment bank leading ideas to everyone. While providing, commentary, anecdotes and educational material along the way to make this one of the most powerful journeys available in global markets today.

We can and do make money in falling markets. We are not directional or asset class dependent. We seek opportunity as and where it arises reasonably.

By utilising the following PayPal links or by using your card, your service will begin promptly the following business day. Welcome aboard, something quite unique and certainly determined. 

About trading.

We should never fall into the trap of thinking it is easy to get rich. 

Trading is a noble pursuit providing liquidity to enhance the efficiency of global markets. Being extremely challenging, it is therefore an accelerated version of life where we learn more about ourselves. As we do the world.

Most people are struggling to keep up. Life isn't easy. Some are getting ahead and a very few lead lives of ambivalence provided to them. This service is concerned with the first two groups. There is no fairytale at the end of the rainbow marketing here, but there is immense experience.

Real experience from the trading floors of the world's largest investment banks and as a futures pit trader. Trading in enormous amounts at the corporate level. Along the way, both spectacular profits and even devastating loses. All enriching the potential for sharing some lessons learnt, while pointing out just how today's markets are really operating. 

We are about evolution of trading style as markets change. Our approach is not trading 1.01. We apply an unlimited upside methodology with strict risk control. Though losses will most certainly still occur. Our model portfolio is designed for purely educational purposes and is an honest quantifiable testament to the economic and trading insights we offer for consideration exclusively in this service. 

Delivered daily to your inbox. Trade as you learn. Before.

TESLA Take Profit $220 $123

TESLA: Closing Model Short Position at $220, tonight in New York at around $123. At the time, I said it is a great company, but the pricing of the stock was ridiculous. It can still fall further perhaps, as markets alway over-shoot correct fundamental value. The chart is beginning to look a little more neutral however, and so just taking a very nice profit. Please note, not all positions turn out this good. Plenty of losses too. But, it is always nice to know that huge opportunities exist. Even in the world's biggest stocks. And in bear markets, as well as bull markets. Remember, trading is the hardest way to make an easy living. Why do so many traders think it should be easy to get rich?

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