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The truth about trading is that everyone has beginners luck, for this is before the ego sets in. Everyone believes what they want to believe. That is, that they can prove themselves as smarter than everyone else by getting rich in financial markets. After beginners luck, a product of true open focus, the ego begins to play an ever larger part. On the heels of which, follows self-deception. The over-simplification of which is when the market goes up, people celebrate how clever they are and even boast. When the market goes down, it was the markets fault they lost money. Their ego protected. We all suffer from this. Myself included. The trick, an understatement of a word, is to rise above the ego delusion and trade as a focussed beginner every day.
Clifford Bennett


B   E   N   N   E   T   T




B   E   N   N   E   T   T




I have always believed we should celebrate our differences, not pretend we are the same, for we are not.

Sexes, races, religions, tribes, how wonderful we all are, with all our respective strengths. Let's recognise, respect and celebrate the variety and those various strengths in each other. And, when we can, share liberally the strength of ourselves. I consider myself non-denominational spiritual. There is something else going on in life and we are all trying to grasp it. At the same time, let's lift each other up. 

One of the strengths of the Christian religion is the Christmas spirit of it. The caring, sharing and giving to help and not only lift people around us materially with presents, psychologically, but also spiritually too. 

To lift spirits. What a wonderful thing. I think we are DNA programmed to experience joy when giving and helping, as this is how we got through harsh climates and wild challenges of the past. We survived by coming together, respecting each other and working as a team, tribes, and nations too. We must celebrate each others strengths. 

So, I hope, you will allow me to wish you a very Merry Happy Christmas, inclusive of all your circumstances. To your family, friends and colleagues, and to those whom you do not know, but decide to help and lift yourself during the holiday season.

God bless and Merry Christmas!




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