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Trading can be fun!

Would you like economics that are weeks/months ahead of Wall Street?

Trading can be fun, but it is also one of the hardest ways in the world to make an easy living. Not what people want to hear. Which is why just about everyone is trying to sell you a fantasy story of 7 rules to trading success?

You can be making a profit consistently for 18 months, keep doing the exact same thing over the following 18 months, only to discover you have suffered serious losses?

Trading is an evolving art form as the world accelerates change in every corner of our lives. It is not easy, but sustained trading profits over the long term are possible. You have to be passionate about the art form. 

The other truth is that the world is full of suits thinking they are economists. When all they do is read each others reports and regurgitate.

I have worked at the very top of global economic thought leadership. Delivering Keynote addresses around the world that even heads of state and billionaires have attended.

My work is very much about original thought and looking for what no one else is seeing. In this way, I add real value to your spectrum of thought and considerations in determining your own unique view. Which is invaluable to your on-going success trajectory long term.

Wall Street economists all need you to think the market will go up? So you will invest your hard worked for money into the markets. There is a constant bias throughout the industry for this very reason.

It is not a conspiracy. Just pure self-interest. The outcome of which is the transfer of wealth up the food chain.

My optimism is in the fact that individual traders and investors now have the advantage. Information and pricing is more egalitarian than ever before, and as individuals we can avoid the group-think and slow committee structures that drag down the big players performance.

I do not get it right all the time, but I have a serious go for individual traders and investors around the world.

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