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Thank you for the opportunity to contribute to your journey in the trading of global markets.

Each market is unique and is evolving through different stages of development.

Your goals, objectives and style in how you approach these markets is also unique to you.

Here, we endeavour to accelerate your own trading path through the weekly discussion of what is happening real time in real markets. We focus on the major stock indices such as the US 500, currency markets, Gold and Oil, so as to provide a range of consideration and to discover the intricacies of connection between all markets in modern trading environments.

Sessions begin with immediate observations in economics, price action and sentiment. Then, move to reliable foundations of market behaviour currently being observed. Before opening up to questions from participants and further discussion.

Course numbers are kept quite small so as to ensure the maximum value and power for each participant.

As well as course participation, you will also receive an on-going six month period of personal insights and updates, 2-3 times weekly, and further email contact for questions and support.

Please note, this is an advanced trading program and we will not be covering the basics of how to click and trade. We are concerned here with rapid maximisation of your success potential in the actual thinking and understanding of market dynamics, patterns and getting ahead of the market itself. Attempting to understand where a market may be going before it knows itself. Before the financial media headlines have any idea.

The course consists of six weekly sessions packed with advanced knowledge and principles of real trading. As well as a further six months of frequent commentary, trading insights and support via email.

The fee for this comprehensive and personal education program is $3.690.  

To register your interest in the next course available, please email us directly.

We take care to attend to your trading journey personally. 

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