it will be one of the hardest things you ever do.

As a Chief Bank Dealer once said to me, "trading is the hardest way in the world to make an easy living".

It is sold by so many as the ultimate lifestyle solution. Open your laptop for 15 minutes a day while sipping cocktails. It's not true. These people get rich by selling pipe dreams, exactly what people want to believe. 

In reality, even Warren Buffet has lost his clients around half their money at times and that is without leverage.

Trading with leverage, like everything in life, is a double edged sword. Everyone says they understand they can lose and brokers even make clients sign that they understand this. Yet, the moment a string of losses mount up, the emotional side of the brain takes over and it becomes a whole different story. If you can steady yourself for such an eventuality, it is a certainty by the way at some point, then let's get started. 



With the sole purpose of getting it right for you.





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IMPORTANT: Dealing in foreign exchange contracts and our other over-the-counter derivative products carries significant risk. You may lose all of your initial investment and you may also incur losses that exceed your initial investment.

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