No not that one. But working on it.


We looked at a couple of projects a few years ago, but decided not to proceed.

Given the recent global crisis, the pent up viewer demand will be insatiable for many years to come. Production is the challenge, but there is going to be no shortage of creative material coming out of 2020.

That said, I am looking for NON-COVID stories. The world will be awash with covid themes, but the real creative value I believe will be in the works created, scripts/story lines, that came from a place of true introspection about life in general, and deeper, more colourful meanderings of the human imagination. 

To have product ready for launch in 2-3 years from now, will, I believe, be a sweet spot in the movie industry. 

There are plenty of ways to be involved in such global macro trends and we will be doing so in the likes of Disney and Netflix stocks, but direct early stage development investment can reap significant rewards as well as tax incentives.

This is an exploratory mission at this point. Just how all great discoveries are made. 

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If you have a script, project, or are an artist or technician in the industry with contributive ideas and insights, please e-mail Thank you!



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