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    Knowledge Precision. Fast Decision.




Private Wealth Originations



The degree of divergence of the accepted 'sentiment' view of the media,

from what is the true underlying global macro-economic 'reality',

is the true origin

of all great market price shifts and trends.



Extreme divergence, creates significant potentials.

Contrary to popular belief, markets are by their nature, always wrong.

In fact, the more wrong they are,

the bigger the opportunity presented.



Such maco-divergences are like giant elastic bands.

The market must eventually give in to its anchor point, snapping back toward,

and then often over-shooting the correct fundamental value.

In the process of reversing and playing catch up,

markets can cover large distances very quickly.



Such opportunities are our objective.



This requires seeing the correct fundamentals,

which are different to the market view, before anyone else.

Which is why individual investors have a significant advantage

over the large institutions in today's markets.

Individuals investors can make decisions far more rapidly,

than the committee structures of the large institutions allow.



This service combines high level over-the-horizon economic thought,

with the fleet of foot speed of decision making of the individual investor.



Minimum Investment $100,000.

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