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people reached since launch


Individual Investors and Traders in 27 Countries

5 Billionaires

Prime Minister

Federal Treasurer

Investment Bankers

Hedge Fund Managers

Heads of Industry


+ we all deserve the equal chance to do well

+ the new technology of modern markets levels the playing field for the first time in history

+ the great deception of the financial markets industry is that they know what will happen


When you add this up, what we have, is the chance to get it right better than market 'sentiment'. This is the path to great achievement. 'Sentiment' is the animal, the predator, and you are the hunter of that animal. The journey is not without risk.


In becoming the Warrior, you will find yourself to be of great value to friends and colleagues. In conversations from the lift to the dining table, you will simply not be looking at things the way that most people do. Invaluable. You have the chance, with developing trading skills, to take this advantage to the market.


Wouldn't it be wonderful to be 'rich'. What I mean by this is prosperity, a feeling of freedom and equality, especially of opportunity, the freedom of choosing your opportunities in life. This is all we really want, isn't it. From there we dive in, work hard, and this means work smarter too, and contribute. In doing so, you can win. It's not easy, but you can.



Why am I doing this?


I am just trying to help. I grew up on a working class street and neighbourhood of Brisbane, in the 1960's. Neighbours actually talked to each other. Helped each other. They had to.


After suddenly becoming alone in the world at the age of 15, I then joined the navy. I went to the training centre HMAS Leeuwin, and graduated from the Royal Australian Naval College Creswell. The navy was all about focussed team work, 'community' essential for survival. The other thing about the navy, the military, is that you learn and are trained to make life and death decisions, literally, in extremely intense high pressure situations, and to do so, remarkably, with imperfect information.

The perfect preparation really, for my entering global financial markets with Macquarie Bank, years later, after graduating from the University of Sydney in Political Economy. Again about real world experiences, economics, and the success or failure of communities. This background served me well, all the way through to the end of my time with big institutions, at BNP Paribas as Senior Strategist Asia and part of the global economics team.

So this whole service is my personal mission to contribute to my community.

Especially, after my years in the elite of investment banking internationally, I really wanted to get back down to earth and look to achieve on a community level. This endeavour is so we all benefit, and we grow too, in surprising ways. 

Trading and investing, you may be surprised to know, is very much an intensified, accelerated version of life. It exposes our inner selves to the outer world, possibly faster than any other activity or endeavour. It is important to be prepared, and experience matters.



Even though I do a lot of the work for you, in following my insights, I still want to teach you everything I know. It's all part of the same over arching philosophy really, specific market insights, education, knowledge and experience. Very few people or services really can deliver the true knowledge and experience of trading at the highest levels in the world.

Most importantly, I want you to stay with me for the long term and greatly benefit from doing so. My explaining why I am doing what I am, and providing education and training materials to you, will be a great support to us staying together for the long term.

To have courage and be unstoppable in the service of my community of clients is what this is all about.



Yes, you can lose. Most definitely. Have you heard of the brokers secret rule. The 90 rule. That 90% of new traders, lose 90% of their money, in the first 90 days. Most people do the usual trading 1.01 course. It sounds great. Simple rules to follow to win a fortune. People believe what they want to believe. That a simple course will allow them an easy life. It simply isn't true.

We do not approach markets the way they do, or even trade the way they trade. I will quickly show you some advantages you can take, but the journey is much more than simple rules. 



I hope you have already noticed this service is different. Which is why we are capable of being high achievers and to keep going long term achieving highly. I started personal consulting to clients in 2002. We have experienced strong overall performance, a world number one ranking, delivered a public commitment and courage of commitment.

You have to have courage and be unstoppable, to have a proven thesis and practical approach that delivers.


Even so. Nothing can be guaranteed. Markets are the hardest way in the world to make an easy living.

Past results do not indicate future performance. Loss is absolutely a constant companion and risk.

Markets are always evolving. What worked perfectly for the past 18 months, may well be a catastrophe in the next 18 months.

The only constant, is change.

We have to keep learning.


My Private Client Services may be appropriate for you, depending on your circumstances.

All my services are performance based. This way, your future is my life.

Please contact me to request further information.


Free news and opinion videos and articles are updated most days, on my Home and Market News pages.

To provide you with cutting edge economic insight and leading investment bank thinking, beating the banks, style of knowledge and awareness not found elsewhere.

Discover what is really key in the moment. From geo-politics, to the price action of the day and weeks ahead.


It is my honour to be doing what I love, and generate abundance and some greater freedom for all of us doing it. Sounds good, but it takes hard work. Nonetheless, I want to level the playing field against the big banks and hedge funds, and make trading easier and more successful for you, with a personal commitment from me. It is what you deserve.


For further information, please feel free to email me, cliffordbennett@me.com




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Bloomberg New York labelled him, “the world’s most accurate currency forecaster”

You can’t make it to the top of your game by faking it. You can only be the best, if you truly are the best. For over three decades, Clifford Bennett has been a leader in the forecasting of dynamic global financial markets. It’s a wisdom crafted through an ever-increasing knowledge base, honed through a passion for trading performance and possibilities.

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