You can’t make it to the top of your game by faking it. You can only be the best, if you truly are the best. For over three decades, Clifford Bennett has been a leader in the forecasting of dynamic global financial markets. It’s a wisdom crafted through an ever-increasing knowledge base, honed through a passion for trading performance and possibilities.

Having worked as an analyst for some of the largest investment banks worldwide, Clifford proudly puts his money where his mouth is. His reputation is gold internationally, so much so, that he has been a regular finance and economic reporter at the highest level for media outlets including:

  • The Financial Times
  • CNBC
  • The Bloomberg Network.

Bloomberg New York labelled him, “the world’s most accurate currency forecaster”.

So highly respected in his field, Clifford was invited to address the APEC Summit in Russia on global currency issues and present a forecast on future Chinese trade patterns at the Caxin Summit in Beijing. On personal request, he has also forecasted for some of the world’s most influential government and business figures.

Now, Clifford Bennett offers his highly sought after services for both industry professionals and proactive personal traders. By subscribing to his daily signals and reports, you can trade with confidence knowing full well that an advisor of the highest calibre is just a click away.

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Jan 02, 2019


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